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La Lune Stool Chair

La Lune Stool Chair

Behold the La Lune, an à la mode addition to your kitchen or bar area. Crafted from ash hardwood and engineered natural wood, it is supported gracefully with three, soft rounded legs and a flat, rounded seat. Accented with three brass fixtures that highlight its dark allure, the La Lune is inspired by the sophistication of a Parisian evening sky, bringing a touch of celestial charm to your surroundings.


Notably, this stool boasts three different height footrests, ensuring personalized comfort while exuding celestial elegance in its design.

  • Design and Material

    • Ash hardwood or solid wood seat and legs
    • Cylindrical brass metal fixtures as the foot rests
  • Dimensions

    Overall: 37D x 76H cm
    Seat diameter: 30cm
    Stretcher heights: (1) 17.5cm, (2) 24cm, (3) 30.5cm

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