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Caitlyn Dining Chair

Caitlyn Dining Chair

Introducing the Caitlyn Dining Chair, a symbol of timeless elegance and French artistry meticulously crafted from solid Ash wood. This chair embodies tradition with its natural cane-weaved seat, offering both cultural richness and inviting texture.


Immerse yourself in the heritage of meticulous artisanal weaving—a hallmark of our collection—infusing each piece with historical significance and contemporary comfort. The upholstered backrest, combined with the natural warmth of rattan, invites you to revel in the comfort and sophistication of a chair honoring centuries-old craftsmanship and French cultural heritage.

  • Material

    • Solid ash wood and veneer 
    • Upholstered backrest
    • Natural cane seat with wooden frame
  • Dimensions

    • Overall: 55W x 50D x 70H cm
    • Seat Height: 45H cm
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