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Yosemite Moyen Side Table

Yosemite Moyen Side Table

Crafted as part of our exclusive Yosemite set, the Yosemite Moyen Side Table is a standout piece that harmonizes wood elements in its design. Featuring solid wide wood legs and an irregularly shaped tabletop, this table boasts visual balance and aesthetic allure.


Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the table's smooth, curved edges exude sophistication, making it a striking addition to any space. As a definitive statement piece from our Loft L'Artisan collection, it seamlessly merges raw elements through expert craftsmanship, embodying both stability and artistic harmony.

  • Design and Material

    • Table top irregularly shaped in natural ash wood veneer
    • Asymmetrical base in ash hardwood or solid wood 
  • Dimensions

    • Overall: 46L x 23-36W x 41H cm
    • Top: from 23 cm (right end) to 36 cm (left end); 2cm Thk.
    • Base: 10L x 6W x 40H
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