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Honne Shelf

Honne Shelf

Introducing the Honne Shelf, a contemporary stand-out in design and functionality. With its distinctive curve-cut removable shelves in natural solid wood, it brings a touch of modern elegance to any space. The vertical posts showcase a sophisticated aesthetic and are also crafted from solid wood for enduring quality. The unique offset of the posts adds visual interest, while the sturdy construction, including a solid wood stretcher, ensures both style and stability.

  • Material

    • Vertical posts in solid wood
    • Complete with furniture gliders
    • Removable shelves in engineered natural veneer wood
    • Solid wood stetcher
  • Dimensions

    • Overall: 120L x 37W x 140H cm; 2 pieces


    • Vertical Post: 2.5W x 13.5D x 137.5H with 4 holes for horizontal poles
    • Vertical post offset to middle from edges
    • 7-10 cm maximum shelf protrution at the back
    • Base height until the first shelf: 13 cm; 3 pieces 
    • Horizontal Pole A - 111L x 2.5W x 2.5135H cm; 1 piece
    • Horizontal pole B - 111L x 2.5W x 5H cm; 1 piece


    • Large shelf in 120L x 37W x 2Thk cm; 1 piece
    • Small shelves in 120L x 20W x 2Thk cm; 3 pieces
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