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Cattleya Shoe Cabinet

Cattleya Shoe Cabinet

Introducing our sophisticated Cattleya Shoe Cabinet, meticulously crafted with a blend of hardwood and engineered natural wood veneer for enduring quality. This cabinetry ensures a seamless and stable structure that stands the test of time. Finished in a rich hue, the cabinet features exquisite natural cane detailing and lighter inner framing, adding a touch of contrast and striking elegance.

  • Design and Material

    • One (1) drawer for keys
    • Two (2) pull down shoe organizer partitions
    • Solid ash wood, ash veneer,  sealer and topcoat
    • Natural cane weaving framed in solid ash wood
    • Brass cylinder pullers
  • Dimensions

    Overall: 80.2W x 29.5D x 107.5H cm


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