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Wavy Sofa

Wavy Sofa

Nestle into the Wavy Sofa. Crafted with meticulous attention to every curve and contour, this statement sectional couch speaks volumes of quality craftsmanship and contemporary beauty. 

This luxurious WELLMADE original is a proven crowdpleaser, being the focal point of any space. With the fluid artistic appeal and the undeniable comfort of our renowned upholstery, it's no doubt that the Wavy Sofa is favored by families and friends alike.

  • Dimensions

    Overall: 175W x 84D x 61H cm
    Seat Height - 38H cm
    Backrest Thickness - 30D

  • Design and material

    3-module, fully-upholstered sofa in curved, ruched upholstery design.

    - Sofa frame and base fabricated in hardwood

    - Fully upholstered sofa in khaki brown fabric; medium density foam layering

    - Nylon gliders beneath base

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